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Beard Beauty Shave Salon


The beautiful lady has long beard. This time you play the dresser in this spa salon. All she wants is a special beard salon. Her beard definately decreases her beauty, you should follow the tutorial and become a professional hairstylist and help her in the hair spa salon. The lady is waiting at the beard shave Salon to begin the fun shaving and makeover.There are a lot of different styles and cuts, you can find which one you like best. Then you may wash her beard with shampoo and other items you have, dry up beard with electric dryer. Next step is important, you should cut and brush beard with patience, you can also design in different way with different barber tools. The last thing will be save a picture of your design and share it to your friends.
Key features1.Special design for beauties 2.Color beard with colors you like3.Make beard SPA for beauty step by step4.Capture your design and share to your friends5.Simple funny game for kids
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